Tom And Angela Tiki Party

In this game, Today, Talking Tom and Talking Angela organize a perfect party on the beach. They are in the summer vacation and you have to help them have some fun organizing a tiki party on the beach. You have to be hard working in this game because the first level is a cleaning challenge. You have to clean up the beach for the party with Tom and Angela who needs your help because they are not able to complete this challenge by themselves. You have to sort the garbage from the beach. In one basket you have to put the paper, in one basket you have to put the branches and in the last one you have to put the glasses. You have to use only the mouse to complete all the tasks step by step in order to finish the game successfully. Tom and Angela are on the beach with you and they tell you what to do step by step so i am sure you can make a great job. In the second level of the game you have to decorate the beach for the tiki party. Have fun!