Tattoo Designs Salon 2

This is a game for all the boys and the girls who want to become a tattoo artist. In this game you have the chance to see how is to work at a tattoo designs salon. You will work there and a beautiful girl is going to be your client. And your goal is to make her satisfied with the tattoo you will make for her. In the first place at the tattoo salon you have to select a place where the tattoo is going to be made. After you select the body part you have to move on to the next step where you have to chose the tattoo. You have a lot of beautiful tattoos to chose from so it is impossible not to find something you like for the girl who waits impatient to see the final result. After you select it you will draw the model on a special paper and then you will apply it on the skin. You will remove the paper and then you will start the tattoo. You have to make the out line in the first place with black ink and ten you have to color the tattoo. Be careful at the indications and I am sure you can be an amazing tattoo artist.