Musical Stairs

Hi kids! Musical Stairs is an interesting game appeared on our site in which you have to help Jerry put a trap for Tom who is chasing him. In this game you have to put on the stairs some objects that can make noise when Tom is going to walk on them. Your goal is to make a big noise to wake up Spike, the dog which appears in the Cartoon Network series Tom and Jerry. Spike hates Tom and he is trying to protect the little mouse so Jerry wants his help in this game. In the first place you need the mouse to select the objects you put on the stairs. Try to select the loudest objects to wake up Spike. You need 10 objects to put on the stairs. After you select them you have to watch how Tom falls in the trap and if you succeeded to wake up Spike. If he does not wake up you have to try again to make more noise. I am sure you will have a great fun in this game with Tom and Jerry. Enjoy game! Play game with your mouse.