Messy Baby Tom

Messy Baby Tom is a new game on Snowwhitegames.Com. You can play Messy Baby Tom in your browser for free. Baby Tom is very dirty, so he needs your help to clean. Can you help he? In this game you need just the mouse to complete the tasks step by step in order to complete this game successfully. You will get all the necessary information to complete your goal so you don't have to worry you will not know what you have to do during the game. In the right side you can see Tom who is very sad because he is dirty but he trusts your skills so do your best in order not to disappoint her. In the left side of the screen you have the necessary tools to clean the cat. You have there a shower, a sponge, a soap, a brush and so one. Some of the objects are locked, like the sponge and the soap and you have to unlock them if you want to clean up entirely the cat. To unlock the sponge you have to find the pairs of cards. Use the mouse to turn two cards to see if they are the same of not. To unlock the soap you have to find the hidden objects from an image. Enjoy game! Use mouse to interact.