Jerry Man

Jerry Man is an other game on Snowwhitegames.Com. You can play Jerry Man in your browser and your mobile for free. In this game is very important to have a great score if you want the chance to enter in the top of the best players. In the first place you will get points according to how fast you collect all the white dots, according to how fast you complete your goal. If you want some extra points try to eat the ghosts from the maze. They are stronger than Jerry so the only way to destroy them is to eat some extra power, to eat the cheese from the corners of the maze. If that happens you can eat the ghosts and you will get bonus points that will help you to the final score. Use the arrows in this game to complete your goal, to move with Jerry in the maze. You have your score in the right side of the screen and also the lives. In this game if you are caught by the ghosts you will lose a life. Enjoy game! Use arrow keys to move.