Barbie Fashion Report

In this game, you have to do your best to help Barbie with her blog where she wants to make revision of some outfits. You will help her make the fashion report in the first level of the game and then you can move on to other challenges. In the first level you will to chose three themes for Barbie. You can move from left to right the themes using the arrows that are side by side next to the images and then you can move on to the next level where your goal is to dress up Barbie as beautiful as you can to prove that you know some things about fashion. In this creativity game with Barbie you can find in the closet a lot of colors and patters in every category: shoes, clothes and accessories. I think you will be able to find what you need for Barbie and if focus and you pay attention to the details you will make something amazing and she will be proud of your skills. She loves fashion but this time she is going to let you make an outfit for her. After the outfit is complete your have to complete the makeup for Barbie. You have to chose lipstick, mascara and foundation for our heroine. Thank you so much! Have fun and enjoy game! Use mouse to interact.