Baby Hazel Pet Doctor

Baby Hazel opened a clinic for the animals. In this game, you will have to help our baby care so many animals like birds, dogs, cats ... First of all, let's help Baby Hazel dress with the dress of a musician and help her to choose the necessary medical equipment for treating the pets. then try to help her treat the animals from her clinic like monkeys, parrots, dogs, cats, elephants and other wild animals. First you have to take these animals on your table, to make a consult for each of them, then you can think what problems have each of these animals and finally give them the right treatment. Of you have some urgent cases you have to enter the surgery room with Baby Hazel and off course with a doctor that will told you what you have to do here. Told Hazel what are the perfect tools that she have to use in this case, then try to finish each surgery that is vital for our pets. After you've completed the doctor stuff's for our pet, Hazel will receive a lot of money that will help her build her private pet hospital where you can help her caring animals everyday. Have fun! Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.