Talking Angela Nasty Ear Infection

Talking Angela Nasty Ear Infection is an other game to play online at Snowwhitegames.Com. You can play Talking Angela Nasty Ear Infection in your browser for free. This is an interesting game where you will become a doctor. In this game you will be an ear doctor for Talking Angela who needs help because she has an ear infection an you are her only hope. And you will receive all the necessary indication during the game to help you complete your goal so you don't have to worry that you will not know what to do, how to use the medical tools or what buttons to use to take care of Angela. She is at the hospital in your cabinet and you have to solve her problem of the ears. You have to look closely to her ears and then to start the medical procedure. At the bottom you can find all the necessary medical tools to take care of Talking Angela. Use the mouse in this game to get rid of the infection. Use the scissors from the bottom to cut the hair from the ears and then you have to disinfect the wounds. Angela is scared but she trusts your skills as a doctor so do your best not to disappoints her. Good luck!